Tocos Living (M) Sdn. Bhd.

About Us


One-stop professional services for all your floor decoration needs

Tocos Living (M) Sdn Bhd was established in 2017. Since the company’s inception, we have only specialised in several types of floor decoration projects to come up with perfect flooring, thereby winning the name of a floor decoration expert in the city. We undertake projects throughout the entire state of Johor, and our clients include residences, shops, hotels, offices etc. Most of our clients are interior designers, renovation companies and builders, as well as owners or tenants who have heard of our name.

We Undertake All Projects Big & Small

Undertake all projects large and small
Same services for everybody

As a highly professional enterprise, we do not practise double standards on service quality due to the size of the project. 

We undertake floor decoration projects ranging from 100 square feet to tens of thousands of square feet, all the while giving the same service quality in good faith.

TOCOS own construction team makes project more secure.

Giving you more benefits!

A lot of floor decoration companies undertake a project and outsource the job to others. Tocos Living attaches great importance to work quality and never outsource any projects to other sub-contractors. 

After all, our own brand reputation is at stake, and we want to uphold it as if our lives depend on it!

We have our own construction team, every member of which is a senior technician. Having our own construction team brings numerous benefits:


Labor cost is one of the major costs of a project. Having our own construction team can reduce the construction cost so that the customer can benefit more;


With our own team, we can control work progress better, so that the project can be completed on time, or even ahead of schedule;


There is no outsourcer involved, thus there is no need to wait for the outsourcer to start work at their earliest convenience. We have sufficient technicians and can start work at any time;


If there is any work defect, the outsourcer will usually shirk their responsibilities and refuse to follow up on the problem, but we will do the follow -up work ourselves to ensure your satisfaction;

After-sales Service

With our own team, we can offer better after-sales service. One of our own technicians can be sent to follow up at any time, instead of letting the outsourcer charge a fee every time they come back to fix a problem.

TOCOS provide...

Proven track record of on-time completion

Regardless of the project size, Tocos Living is confident that it will be completed on time because we have: