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All you need to know about SPC Flooring.

Vinyl Flooring Johor Bahru, JB Show Room

SPC Flooring as known as Stone Polymer Composite Flooring. Made from vinyl plank flooring that with rigid core made from powdered limestone, polyvinyl chloride, and stabilizers. It is dense, stable, silent, and solid.
Most of the user prefer SPC Flooring as they are waterproof flooring, even in a humid and moister area. Suits for multipurpose area.

SPC flooring supplier in Johor Bahru

Why Choose SPC Flooring?

Here’s some reason why you would like to choose SPC floorings over others:


When you care about flooring maintenance over a carpet floor, waterproofing is the main concern of yours!
With SPC Flooring, you may have ease on these problems.

Simple Cleaning & Maintenances

Sweep, Vacuum, or Mop the floor as you preferred. Easily keeping your environment clean with simple cleaning steps

Budget Wise

Frankly Speaking, the costs of the flooring are quite similar compared amongst all. But if you looking for a best value for the flooring, SPC is your choice!

Various Design

Nowadays you can find quite a lot of unique design of SPC flooring in terms of color pairing, or texture pattern.

SPC Vinyl Laminate Flooring Johor Bahru

Questions about SPC Floorings?


As long as you can imagine, leave no floor naked!

We recommend a nice clean and dry area to install SPC flooring in the area.

Start from 5 years of limited warranty for commercial and 10 years for residential installation. Check with our sales person!

1. Normal wear and tear (surface scratches or damage due to day-to-day usage).
2. Damage caused by fire, flooding or intentional abuse.
3. Construction related damage.
4. Excessive moisture from sources such as water leakage or major water damaged to flooring/sub floor.
5. Damage or condition caused by uneven subfloor.

We are welcome you to our showroom at Johor Bahru, Desa Cermelang. Various choices of floorings available.